The Micro Bead Heaven

Hi Crafters!

I have been having a not-so-secret love affair with the micro beads lately. I love everything about them and the versatility of them as a craft product. Lets have a closer look at what types of micro beads are available for us crafters to enjoy!

Metallic micro beads

These are fully opaque micro beads covered in metallic coating. They come in a variety of colours with gold ones being the most popular. These beads are also the most commonly available and often cheapest of all the kinds. They look great on more rustic projects especially whenever other metallic mediums are used like metallic paints of liquid leaf.


Translucent micro beads

These are some of the hardest to find especially if they are see-through, glass like quality. Translucent micro beads can be either clear or tinted with colour but they always look like a tiny droplets of coloured rain. As translucent beads are lacking any opacity they pick up colour from underneath really well and are perfect to add to pieces featuring a lot of watercoloring, pigments or sprays.


Pearlescent micro beads

Pearlescent micro meads are semi-translucent and they look a little milky upon closer inspection. They are coated with the pearl finish and look lovely on stronger coloured pieces kept in the same colour scheme as the beads used.


Iridescent micro beads

Iridescent micro beads are similar to the translucent ones – they are see-though however, on top of the colour they are also iridescent so display different colours depending on the light angle. Iridescent beads look great on the multi-colour projects where they can compliment different shades and hues.


Larger size micro beads

All micro beads mentioned above were of a smilier size, between 0.4 and 0.6mm. However, on the market you can also find a larger size beads which are around 1mm.


So what can you use the micro beads for? Plenty of wonderful things! Here are some of the ideas:

  • Adhering to the mixed media canvas to add interest and highlight key areas or to create texture
  • Mixing with texture paste and using through the stencil
  • Filling the vials & bottles
  • Creating a special effect flowers
  • Sprinkling on top of the glue covered die cut to add interest (clear translucent beads)

Here are some project created using the micro beads:

I hope you find this post helpful! Craft Box will be adding new lines of micro beads to it’s Craft Box Minis line frequently so do stop by here now and again to check what’s new. New line of iridescent micro beads is launching on Saturday 3rd September!

Sending you lots of crafty love

Anna from Craft Box


One thought on “The Micro Bead Heaven

  1. Thank you for this wonderfully simple but clear explanation of microbeads – I can totally understand your enthusiasm for them and look forward too seeing you use them on some of your live online projects.

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