Changes, changes, good changes

Hello Crafty Friends!

Wow, it has been one of those weeks and weekends. Lots of things happening outside of Craft Box but equally much is happening with and around Craft Box.

We have been packing the March Craft Box and I’m so pleased with the progress. We have 10 products packed now with 5 more to go. The March Craft Box boxes arrived as well and they are beautiful! I’m using a new printer following issues with the previous one and I could not be happier:


Whilst we have been packing, the Craft Box storage room was being created. I am so pleased that in is finally done. I have so much more storage and more working space. The units on the right side are the Really Useful Boxes units – these will be full of boxes once the RUBs are delivered.


If you are not a part of the Craft Box newsletter you may not have heard about Anna’s Picks and Craft Box Replay. I am so excited to see these two ideas taking off! Anna’s Picks is a part of the Craft Box website where I recommend old and new products I love. I have been crafting for over 10 years now and through that journey arrived to many favourites. It is so exciting to be able to offer them to the Craft Boxers!

Craft Box Replay contains all product leftovers from the previously released boxes. I love it! Due to the minimal order quantity I need to go by, I often have an odd number of products left after the box is shipped. I’m so glad that I can offer specific products you may have fallen in love with. It also helps me greatly as, despite of the new storage room, the space is still in short supply so it’s great to be able to free it up for the next month’s products.

I shall finish here for today. Thank you for reading and for being a part of this crazy but exciting Craft Box journey!

Happy crafting!

Anna from Craft Box


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