February Craft Box

Hello Crafty Friends

Happy New Year to all of you. I hope you had a lovely Christmas as well. I have been off work for nearly three weeks and spent a lot of this time working on our January Craft Box. It’s been fun but it has also been a hard work! I will soon put together a post talking about how the January box went.

For now, the focus and spot light is on the February Craft Box which has been announced on 8th January. I have planned so many beautiful products inside of the February Box – glass bottles, lace, lots and lost of charms, gears (of course!) flowers, papers… the list goes on. I can talk about the February craft Box for ages but since the picture says more than a 1000 words, here are some pictures. If you are interested in our February Craft Box, it is still available on our website. But do hurry up – we are likely to be sold out in the next few days!

Happy Crafting!

Anna at Craft Box


4 thoughts on “February Craft Box

  1. Came across your boxes through a link on you tube ( lollydollycrafts) I am so Excited I’ve just ordered February’s box.😁 All our local craft shops have closed down and this is an answer to a prayer. Thank you for having the courage to start this business and good luck. It will cover everything I love especially mixed media. My head is so full of ideas just from the pictures you’v shared I think it will burst, best get some design ideas down in my journal x


    • Dear Pamela, thank you co much for your kind comment! And thank you very much for your order, greatly appreciated. I have been dreaming of starting craft Box for years and it is so encouraging to see all the lovely feedback and great reception the box is getting. Thank you again for your support. 🙂 PS. I have thanked lollydollycrafts, her video and review were lovely!


  2. Hi, I adore these boxes and have put my pre order in for my first one, we sorely needed a fantastic craft monthly box like this in the uk. So glad I found you.


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