Making of the December Craft Box

Wow! As all December Craft Boxes have been posted and started getting delivered I got a bit nostalgic. Wow! It’s been a great journey so far. Yes, sometimes stressful and sometimes tiring but I really enjoyed it overall. Lets look back at the making of December Craft Box…

I started planning the December Box right after the November boxes were posted. In retrospective, it was probably too late and January Box has been planned so much earlier because I know better now!

The theme of December Craft Box, Ornately Vintage, came to me really easily – I love vintage and LOVE everything that’s ornate. There were items in my craft stash that I knew will be perfect for this box. I reached out to my suppliers as soon as I could to order extra quantity, enough to fill all the December boxes.

Once the products started arriving, it was time to pack them all up. The packaging cards were red to celebrate this festive month. It took a while to get everything prepared. Specifically the lace appliqué and flowers were the most tricky to pack! They kept getting stuck at the sides of the cello bags.

I had my mind set on a few things this month – I wanted the box to be white to symbolise the snow and to contrast with the red tissue paper and packaging. Even though the box was not Christmas themed, I still included a few Christmas touches and more than anything I wanted to have a way of wishing you all Merry Christmas – hence the little journaling cards and the cute Christmasy pegs!

If you are wondering what it takes to put a Craft Box together, I can confidently say – it takes more time, research and effort than I thought! It takes around 15-20h to research products and purchase anything that’s pre-made. Then the packaging needs to be designed and ordered. Craft Boxes and postage boxes are ordered along with cello bags and packaging tape. Then everything needs to be packaged – and with me being a perfectionist, it all needs to look beautiful and should be visually pleasing! All handmade products need to be created – in December Craft Box, each resin frame took nearly 24h to make!

Once all is done and packaged in cello bags, I write your cards and create the “what’s inside of your box” info sheet. All products are put in the boxes, wrapped in tissue paper and sealed. Your Craft Box is ribbon tied. Your cards and gifts either go inside the box or are put on top of it. Posting box is sealed, I handwrite your postage label and then the boxes are posted. Phew!

Bring on January Craft Boxes!!!

Here are some pictures I took when working on your December Craft Box:

Until next time!

Anna at Craft Box


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