January Craft Box – Why “Hello, New!”?

Dear Crafty Friends,

January Craft Box is finally here. I really struggled with keeping all the excitement in and wanted to announce the box as soon as I finished planning it, but January box needed to wait till at least December!

We have so many exciting products inside and the overarching theme is “Hello, New!”. This box will symbolise new beginnings (as it is the first Craft Box box in 2016). The colour palette I’ve picked is bright, vibrant and fun. It has some of my ultimate favourite colours in it – mint greens and turquoise. It will have many themed items symbolising new ideas, new adventures, travel and memories. As always, there will be some signature bling, set of mulberry flowers but also, some ever so popular foiled die cuts!

In general, January Craft Box’s selection of products is the widest to date. We have everything a seasoned crafter could wish for – stamp set (really!), set of small stamps on a rolling stamp, perfect for journaling. We will have patterned tissue paper, brads, ever so expensive enamel dots (why are they so expensive?!), novelty beads, crystal charms and so much more.

As I’m writing this, I’m still packing the December box so I have yet to look forward to your reaction once it is received before 20th December, but I’m also eagerly awaiting the time when January Craft Box is posted your way. I hope you will love it.

Happy crafting!

Anna at Craft Box


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